Innovas Technologies builds a better ball

Mike Crocker and Chuck Dirks display a pile of brightly colored spongy balls resembling the Nerf toys as they discuss their plans to make them “smarter.”

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Despite trade and biofuel concerns, President Donald Trump is seen as a ‘net positive’ for the ag industry.

A well-publicized trip to the White House left CRST Chairman John Smith encouraged for the prospects of much-needed highway infrastructure improvements.

Community supported agriculture is gaining traction in the Corridor, where more than a dozen local farm operations have partnered with consumers to provide fresh, locally grown foods. Yet the Mount Vernon-based community supported agriculture (CSA) group Morning Glory hopes to take its success one step further.

With spending on online ads surging, however, many businesses in the Corridor are likely to consider new ventures in the digital marketing landscape. We round up some local experts to offer advice on how to make the most of digital marketing.

A review of plans for the proposed 329 project in Cedar Rapids’ New Bohemia District has pushed growing interest in NewBo home ownership and concerns over parking into the spotlight.


Managing your most important project – You

April 14, 2017

By Terri Jensen / Guest Column
In the world of technology, our talents are pulled in many directions. Requests from the business come quickly and often.

To deal with this, many technology departments use portfolio and project management to keep our heads above water. We’ve also adopted Agile methodology over the past several years to deliver solutions in an iterative manner so our clients can see rapid progress on their requests.

Creating a plan to combat fake news

April 14, 2017

By Brittani Wilson / Guest Column
“Obama Signs Executive Order Banning the Pledge of Allegiance”
“Trump Offering Free One-Way Ticket to Africa & Mexico for Those Who Want to Leave America”
“Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump for President”

These are just three of the top-performing fake news headlines that were published in 2016. Some of these stories had more than 1 million engagements on Facebook leading up to the presidential election in November.

How to avoid seller’s remorse

April 12, 2017

By Scott Bushkie / Guest Column
After selling businesses for 18 years, there’s still one stumbling block that takes me by surprise and hits hard, and that’s seller remorse. On average, I see it every two or three years – a seller goes through the whole process and then ultimately can’t pull the trigger. The last time it happened was April 2015.

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