Learning from Mona Lisa: The art of a smile

By Greg Dardis / Guest Column
The cover story of The Atlantic’s November issue offers a fascinating explanation for Leonardo da Vinci’s creative genius: It straddled the arts and sciences.

Response to opioid problem a community-wide need

By Tim Charles / Guest Column
From October 2016 through September of this year, Mercy saw 17 drug overdoses in our emergency room. As a trusted health care organization, we have a vital role to play in helping address this public health emergency alongside all other health care providers.

Getting the most from your volunteers

By Regenia Bailey / Guest Column
Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportu­nity to work with a number of organizations and learn about their new volunteer onboarding and orientation activities. The most important thing I learned is that there’s always more to consider when working with new people.

Do you have what it takes to bounce back?

By Gale Mote / Guest Column
You don’t have to be very old or have been in the working world very long to have experienced adversity or disappointment. Resilience is a personal competency for indi­viduals who want to re-ignite their enthusiasm, succeed in making changes, recover quickly from work setbacks and remain on course to ful­fill work and personal goals.

KGAN offers window into Sinclair strategy

By Joe Sheller / Guest Column
Back in July, comedian and media commenta­tor John Oliver ran a segment on his HBO show that was highly critical of the Sinclair Broadcast Group. The company, which owns or operates nearly 200 televisions stations, including KGAN and KFXA in Cedar Rapids, was accused of slanting local news pro­grams by dictating content to its local stations. What particularly rankles many media critics, Oliver included, is the fact that Sinclair is poised to grow even larger.

Why are online directories so important?

By Sherry Bonelli
If your company’s contact information is wrong online, potential customers aren’t going to fault the search engines – they will blame you. And I’m not just talking about the “Contact Us” page on your website.

M&A considerations for local buyers, sellers

By Brian Bergstrom / Guest Column
Merger and acquisition activity in the Corridor re­mains strong in 2017 with both financial and stra­tegic acquisitions occurring at a consistent pace.

Building great cultures in the Corridor

By Joe Tye / Guest Column
A statement of core values should define who you are as an organization, what you stand for and what you won’t stand for. It should be the single-most important document in the organi­zation and tightly woven into new employee re­cruiting and orientation, performance appraisal and daily operations.

Ask the right questions to drive business growth

By Lynn Manternach / Guest Opinion
Here’s a fun fact: Companies that invest in re­search grow faster and are more profitable than those that do not.

Solving the HR conundrum

By Scott Rude / Guest Column
When HR is effective, it has the greatest impact on a business. Nevertheless, HR seems to retain its checkered (yet often undeserved) reputation. But why?

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