Managing your most important project – You

By Terri Jensen / Guest Column
In the world of technology, our talents are pulled in many directions. Requests from the business come quickly and often.

To deal with this, many technology departments use portfolio and project management to keep our heads above water. We’ve also adopted Agile methodology over the past several years to deliver solutions in an iterative manner so our clients can see rapid progress on their requests.

Creating a plan to combat fake news

By Brittani Wilson / Guest Column
“Obama Signs Executive Order Banning the Pledge of Allegiance”
“Trump Offering Free One-Way Ticket to Africa & Mexico for Those Who Want to Leave America”
“Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump for President”

These are just three of the top-performing fake news headlines that were published in 2016. Some of these stories had more than 1 million engagements on Facebook leading up to the presidential election in November.

How to avoid seller’s remorse

By Scott Bushkie / Guest Column
After selling businesses for 18 years, there’s still one stumbling block that takes me by surprise and hits hard, and that’s seller remorse. On average, I see it every two or three years – a seller goes through the whole process and then ultimately can’t pull the trigger. The last time it happened was April 2015.

Reaping the rewards of taking risks

By Greg Dardis / Guest Column
As soon as I saw the headline, “To raise brave girls, encourage adventure,” I thought of my 9-year-old daughter. The TED talk had just been posted online, and the speaker, San Francisco-based writer Caroline Paul, caught my attention by addressing a discrepancy in parenting. We are raising our daughters to be more risk-averse than our sons, she said.

The board’s financial oversight responsibility

By Regenia Bailey / Guest Column
The majority of people on nonprofit boards serve because of the organization’s programs, its role in the community or a personal connection to its mission. Few come to the board table with a burning desire to understand the organization’s finances and business model and help it do a better job in these areas. Yet maintaining financial accountability is one of primary responsibilities of the board of directors.

Your community hospital as a resource

By Mike Heinrich / Guest Column
For years much has been written about the obesity epidemic in our state and across the country. We all know that eating too much of the wrong kinds of food and not getting enough exercise are major contributors, and that carrying too much weight is a risk factor for disease. At Mercy Iowa City we’ve looked at what we can do as a community hospital to help people get and stay healthier.

Create a customer experience ‘guarantee’

By Carissa Kruse / Guest Column
The desire to connect is at the forefront of our concerns as business owners. It is this focus on interaction that has brought business practices back to the fundamentals of service, with customers preferring to spend their money with businesses that offer relationship-centered transactions.

Digital marketing trends shaping the future

By Sherry Bonelli / Guest Column
The digital marketing industry changes minute-by-minute. It’s important that your business stays current on what trends are working and which ones to anticipate so you can be ahead of your competition.

The little news show that could still chugging

By Joe Sheller / Guest Column
This month marks the anniversary of one of the most important and influential television programs of all time: 20 years ago this March, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” premiered on the WB network.

Relationships are foundation of success

By Gale Mote / Guest Column
I believe that Dale Carnegie had it right when he said, “you can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

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