Seller financing benefits both sides

By Scott Bushkie / Guest Column

If you’re considering selling your business, don’t expect to walk away with all cash at close. This isn’t like selling a house. Most deals involve some sort of alternative financing. You may be asked to accept an earn out, roll over a portion of equity or (most commonly) provide seller financing.

Back to school or back to the future?

By Nancy Garberson / Guest Column

As marketers, we’re always looking at the future. It’s a little like going back to school: We look at the old and the new, and keep the good while adding new concepts to improve everyone’s work.

IC bond issue supports students and teachers

By Brian Kirschling / Guest Editorial 
The opening of Liberty High on Aug. 12 is an exciting time for our community.  The 10-year Facility Master Plan has started transforming our schools into healthy, equitable learning spaces that we can be proud to send all of our children to. 

CBJ Editorial: Pass the IC GO Bond

By the CBJ Editorial Staff
We can’t recall a time when we agreed on a public policy or political issue with Johnson County Supervisor Rod Sullivan, which is why we had to seriously reconsider our initial support for the Iowa City Community School District’s (ICCSD) General Obligation Bond vote after learning that Mr. Sullivan was also championing the effort. Ultimately, we decided that passing this bond is the right policy for this growing school district and core segment of the Corridor, regardless of who is or isn’t supporting it.

CBJ Editorial: Rockwell takeover anxiety in the Corridor

By the CBJ Editorial Staff
The potential for an acquisition of Rockwell Collins, the Corridor’s largest private employer, by Connecticut-based United Technologies (UTC) has caused a flood of anxiety across Iowa’s Creative Corridor.

Fostering more affordable housing in Iowa City

By Casey Cook / Guest Editorial

Recent opinions published in this paper regarding affordable housing reflect the frustration for governing bodies throughout the Corridor. But I can never remember a time when it was easy to put apartments in a mature neighborhood.

Mercy Iowa City joins larger system to continue high-quality care

By Shane Cerone / Guest Column
As the health care debate continues to rage, the complexities of the industry and the challenges of paying for it are daily topics of national conversation.

Does your business need a blog?

By Sherry Bonelli / Guest Column

You’ve probably heard of a blog, but exactly what is it, and does your business really need one?

Why you don’t want to be a 10

By Linda Kuster / Guest Column

Don’t let your employees tell your customers to give you a 10! This has bugged me for years, ever since the first time I purchased a car and the sales rep asked me to give the dealership all 10s on the survey I would be receiving from the manufacturer.

ConnectCR faces PR challenge of anti-biker bias

By Joe Sheller / Guest Column

With any luck, by the time you read this, I will have crossed the state of Iowa by bicycle. For the past six years, I have ridden RAGBRAI. So, naturally, as a biker I have followed the ongoing effort in Cedar Rapids to make Cedar Lake a public park and to construct a new pedestrian/biker span over the Cedar River – the “Sleeping Giant” bridge.

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