Your brand can blossom with a plan

By Nancy Garberson / Guest Column

Developing a brand takes a lot of planting, consistent work and the discipline to stick with it. Before you dig in too deep on what shade of blue to use on your logo, or what message and voice you’re going to use when engaging people on social media, you need to look at the big picture – the whole garden, so to speak – and draw a plan.

Is your team a real team?

By Gail Mote / Guest Column

I find it interesting when managers introduce me to their procurement team or invite me to spend time with an accounting team. In many cases, these groups are far from what we know to be real teams.

America can do better than current health care climate

By Ted Townsend / Guest Column

When I took a delegation of UnityPoint Health-Cedar Rapids board and physician leaders to the United Kingdom nearly a decade ago, we went to study a totally different health care system at a time of turmoil and anticipated reform of our American national health care policy.

Looking back on lessons learned

By John Langhorne / Guest Column

As I approach the end of my consulting career, it occurred to me sharing observations about how the organizational landscape has changed since 1984 might be of value.

Blum walkout echoes GOP media strategy

By Joe Sheller / Guest Column

After all, Mr. Blum is part of the most conservative caucus in the U.S. House, and attacking the mainstream media for its liberal bias is practically a reflex for that wing of the Republican Party.

Why big brands are screwing up

By Jen Neumann / Guest Column

A tone deaf ad from Pepsi. A hacked attempt to integrate Burger King into your Amazon Echo or Google Home device. A Nivea ad with inadvertent (we hope) white supremacist messaging. And most notably, a PR nightmare that United Airlines brought on themselves.

Use buyer personas to understand your customer

By Sherry Bonelli / Guest Column
If you think about the last big purchase you made, you probably went online to read reviews, looked up features, got recommendations from friends on Facebook and searched online for stores with the best price. Today’s shopper uses the internet to help make buying decisions, and as a business, you need to understand how to use the internet to reach these potential customers.

You can be a person of influence

By Gale Mote / Guest Column
Webster’s Dictionary defines influence as “the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways.” Most people are driven by an intrinsic need to add value, make a positive difference and contribute in a meaningful way.

Academic medical centers vital to health and economy

By Jean Robillard / Guest Column
As the national debate about health care continues, it is important to understand the vital role of academic medical centers, like University of Iowa Health Care, in the national and local health system and economy.

Developing Iowa’s innovation economy

By Eric Engelmann / Guest Column
In a recent WalletHub study on the most innovative states, Iowa ranked 44th. The ranking was based on R&D spending, patents, entrepreneurial activity, venture capital activity and other factors. While we could quibble about the ranking itself, there’s no doubt there’s a significant opportunity for improvement in our region’s innovation economy.

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