Cargohab’s first container house offers sustainable style

The first cargo container house in Cedar Rapids, built by Cargohab, is about to hit the market with a strong statement about sustainability and smart design.

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Former pro athlete and Corridor entrepreneur Nate Kaeding sits down with Randy Ramlo, president and CEO of UFG Insurance, to talk sports, business and life lessons in the first edition of the CBJ’s new monthly feature, Real Success with Nate Kaeding.

CBJ contributor Nate Kaeding discusses the concept behind his newest Q&A collaboration with the CBJ and Flow Media, called “Real Success.”

Wages are inching up, but so is the Creative Corridor’s cost of living. Just what does it take to make ends meet these days? Presenting the first of a three-part CBJ series ex­amining wages and affordability in the Corridor.

CBJ Q&A: Jennifer Daly

February 11, 2018

In an exclusive interview with the CBJ’s editorial board, Corridor Development President and CEO Jennifer Daly discusses the first steps in a new regional rebranding effort, the organization’s aggressive trade show schedule for 2018 and other steps on the new journey.

The owner of the Duane Arnold Energy Center near Palo says it may close the plant in 2025, about nine years earlier than its operating license is scheduled to expire.


Protecting your brand when crisis hits

February 19, 2018

By Betsy McCloskey / Guest Column
In today’s social media landscape, information about your organization and your employees travels at the speed of light, covering not only the communities in which you do business but the entire world. Unfortunately, bad news travels faster than good news.

Four ways to cultivate leadership presence

February 19, 2018

By Greg Dardis / Guest Column
Every effective leader must keep up morale. In Ernest Shackleton’s case, he knew his team’s very survival depended upon his ability to do so.

Why we’re launching Intrapreneur Academy

February 11, 2018

By Mandy Webber / Guest Opinion
One of the biggest misconceptions about innovation is that it’s something done by a lone genius. Some computer whiz comes up with an idea, usually in a basement or a garage, that ends up changing the world overnight. Their idea was so good that there was no way it couldn’t succeed. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

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