Collective Data helps customers keep track

Customers keep finding more uses for Collective Data, a family of flexible data­base products developed in the Corridor that are used by clients to track and main­tain everything from truck parts to Tasers.

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In early December, we asked a few dozen Corridor business leaders from various sectors for the trends and developments they would be watching in 2018. Their answers seem to point to a year of growth for most in the Corridor, but also heavy uncertainty for a few.

Lura McBride, Van Meter Inc.’s chief executive and the Corridor’s Most Influential Person for 2017, is overflowing with “lessons learned.” One in particular stands out.

Leaving office at the end of December to run for governor, former Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett led an economic renais­sance over the last eight years unequaled in Iowa’s second largest city since the days of Don Canney. He sat down with the CBJ for an exclusive interview.

Hands Jewelers, which has operated from the same location in Iowa City since 1854, is the rarest of family businesses: those that have survived past three generations.

A new 6,000-square-foot wellness center at United Fire Group opened on Nov. 27, looking a lot like a upscale health club with 24/7 card access, 32 workout stations and a group exercise room filled with spinning bikes.


How the net neutrality repeal will affect you

January 15, 2018

By Emily Bettridge / Guest Column
Have you ever found yourself stuck on the interstate, wishing for a fast lane so you can finally get out of traffic? If so, then you’ve experienced what the net neutrality repeal may mean for consumers and small businesses. Let me explain.

The argument for augmented reality

January 15, 2018

By Ryan Shenefelt / Guest Column
Augmented reality, or AR, adds a layer of “tech” over the everyday world that we live in – a type of filter that truly “augments” our daily lives as opposed to virtual reality (VR), which transports us into an alternative world.

8 ways to sharpen the saw in 2018

January 15, 2018

By Greg Dardis / Guest Column
When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, we tend to gravitate toward certain themes. We vow to get healthy, get organized and get a life. The resolution I suggest – one that can help with all the others – is to follow the advice of the late, great Stephen Covey and sharpen the saw.

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