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Soko Outfitters bringing the outdoor life to Czech Village

A new independent outdoor store is preparing to open in Czech Village this fall, demonstrating a leap of faith by four local entrepreneurs in the Corridor’s growing outdoor scene.

Iowa City’s IDx finally in the fast lane

The clinical trial results from IDx’s first product candidate aren’t out, yet optimism is high that its IDx-DR device could soon be saving the vision of thousands of Amer­icans each year who suffer from diabetes.

Corridor retailers taking a chance on CBD

With authorities opposed and customer demand high, Corridor retailers are weighing the risks of offering hemp-derived supplements to shoppers.

The best flu tracker? Your smartphone

This year’s flu is already one of the worst in recent memory, responsible for sky-high absenteeism, packed clinic offices and nearly 100 Iowa deaths as of last week. And almost no one saw it coming – almost no one, that is, except University of Iowa researchers Aaron Miller and Dr. Philip Polgreen.

Cargohab’s first container house offers sustainable style

The first cargo container house in Cedar Rapids, built by Cargohab, is about to hit the market with a strong statement about sustainability and smart design.

Home buyers, builders adjust to higher lumber costs

Record lumber prices are adding pressure to new home affordability in the Corridor even as builders see strong demand continuing in 2018 with mortgage interest rates remaining low.

Tax reform changes the affordable housing game

Sweeping tax reform enacted last month might have been great news for corporations who saw their tax rates lowered from 35 to 21 percent, but those same cuts are potentially disastrous to efforts to build more affordable housing both nationwide and in the Corridor.

Real Success with Nate Kaeding: Randy Ramlo

Former pro athlete and Corridor entrepreneur Nate Kaeding sits down with Randy Ramlo, president and CEO of UFG Insurance, to talk sports, business and life lessons in the first edition of the CBJ’s new monthly feature, Real Success with Nate Kaeding.

The story behind “Real Success”

CBJ contributor Nate Kaeding discusses the concept behind his newest Q&A collaboration with the CBJ and Flow Media, called “Real Success.”

New CBJ series: Working for a living

Wages are inching up, but so is the Creative Corridor’s cost of living. Just what does it take to make ends meet these days? Presenting the first of a three-part CBJ series ex­amining wages and affordability in the Corridor.

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