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(Un)Hired Help: Reflecting on a year of workforce reporting

All this year, the CBJ has been exploring the causes and effects of the Corridor’s worker shortage, as well as the wants and needs of potential employees. In part six of this special series, we offer up 15-plus takeaways and solutions for improving your workforce.

(Un)Hired Help: How more diversity can build a better workforce

Cultivating a more diverse office may be part of the answer to a growing skills gap for Corridor employers, but it won’t necessarily be easy. In the fifth installment of this special CBJ series, we explore the challenges of building a diverse office and offer some tips for creating your own.

(Un)Hired Help: Working on the edge

In the years since the Great Recession, the stock market has roared back to life, unemployment has bottomed out and the good times are rolling like never before – but not everyone is feeling so positive. We explore how jobs have changed over the past decade in part 4 of the CBJ’s special workforce series, (un)Hired Help.

(Un)Hired Help: What employees really want

In today’s war for talent, tech startups and corporate giants are redefining the recruitment game with a host of unique benefits, perks and amenities – but that doesn’t mean smaller companies can’t compete. Introducing Part 3 of the CBJ’s special workforce series, (Un)Hired Help.

(Un)Hired Help: How today’s employees stack up

When Corridor economic development groups re­leased their 2018 existing industry surveys last month, the message was consistent — and bleak. Presenting part two of the CBJ’s new six-part series on Iowa’s workforce shortage.

(Un)Hired Help: Digging into Iowa’s workforce skills gap

In this six-part, members-first series, the CBJ is exploring the causes and symptoms of Iowa’s worker shortage, and whether it’s likely to be a long-term, systemic issue or a transient one that will disappear during the next recession.

CBJ wins five awards in national competition

The Corridor Business Journal was honored virtually on June 25 with five awards by the national Alliance of Area Business Publishers (AABP), including three gold awards and a bronze as Best Newspaper – Small Tabloid.

How we talk about diversity is changing

By Christine Hawes | Guest Column
As a 51-year-old lesbian who has been open at my workplaces since pre-Ellen, I’ve witnessed an evolution in workplace diversity, through the lens of my LGBTQ identity.


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