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Working for a Living: The minimum wage fight continues

Although it’s down, the minimum wage issue is far from dead, supporters say. Presenting the final part of the CBJ’s series on Working for a Living.

Working for a living: Hunting for home

Iowa is known for its low cost of living, but for workers in the Corridor, affordable housing remains hard to find. We explore the issue in part 2 of the CBJ’s new series, Working for a Living.

New CBJ series: Working for a living

Wages are inching up, but so is the Creative Corridor’s cost of living. Just what does it take to make ends meet these days? Presenting the first of a three-part CBJ series ex­amining wages and affordability in the Corridor.

Working capital is like gas in your car

By Scott Bushkie / Guest Column
Your working capital is like gas in your car. Es­tablish a habit of fast payment, slow collections and excess inventory, and you’ve basically turned your well-oiled machine into a gas guzzler. Go into a sale in this condition and you’re basically giving away money.

Senior Lifestyles: Exploring the senior living surge

The retirement of the baby boom gen­eration is playing out in various ways in the Corridor, but none more visible than the current surge in senior living developments. Presenting part I in a new CBJ exclusive series.

Yotopia’s founder living the sweet life

Veronica Tessler is thrilled to be living a lifelong dream: She’s running a business that supports her personal beliefs.

Turning passion into action for co-working

Busy Coworking fulfills passion for young professionals

Note these habits of successful living

by John Langhorne/Tree Full of Owls
Recently, a psychologist asked a sample of 95 year olds, “If you could live your life over again, what would you do differently?”


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