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Diversity Straight Up: Phil Jasper

In the latest episode of the new CBJ podcast, “Diversity Straight Up,” hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington talk with Phil Jasper, president of Mission Systems at Collins Aerospace, about the role of diversity in innovation, reverse mentoring and the importance of cultural competency in leadership.

Diversity Straight Up: Marci Chickering

In the latest CBJ podcast, “Diversity Straight Up” hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington talk with Wellmark Chief HR Officer Marci Chickering about about gender parity in the C-suite, building diversity in the insurance industry and finding people’s innate gifts.

Diversity Straight Up: Brad Hart

Hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington talk with Cedar Rapids Mayor Brad Hart about the city’s efforts to improve equity, diversity, inclusion and engagement, new initiatives to attract minority candidates to city posts and the rising “ban the box” movement in the latest CBJ podcast.

Diversity Straight Up: The Pilot

Hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington talk with CBJ Editor Adam Moore about the origins and behind Diversity Straight Up, the four “tools” of talking about diversity, and what’s ahead for this new CBJ podcast series, presented by Collins Aerospace and the city of Cedar Rapids.

New CBJ podcast aims to broaden ‘diversity’

Diversity is often defined as having to do only with race, ethnicity and gender. But true diversity is about so much more, say Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington, the hosts of a new podcast launching this week from the Corridor Business Journal.

Going Up: Inside Iowa City’s high rise boom

Iowa City is literally moving on up, with several high-rise buildings already transforming the skyline and the potential for more to come.

How to make diversity work for your team

By Gale Mote/Tree Full of Owls

Most organizations understand the benefits of having a diverse workforce. We know teams who have diverse members with complementary skills are more creative and innovative than homogeneous teams.

Tom Cilek’s New Best Friend: Adam Keune

In the premiere of this new CBJ podcast, West Bank’s Tom Cilek shares stories with Adam Keune, co-founder and chief people officer with Higher Learning Technologies, about the edtech company’s origins and how a few impromptu meetings made it all happen.

(Un)Hired Help: Digging into Iowa’s workforce skills gap

In this six-part, members-first series, the CBJ is exploring the causes and symptoms of Iowa’s worker shortage, and whether it’s likely to be a long-term, systemic issue or a transient one that will disappear during the next recession.

Chief Marketing Officer of the Year: Julie Staker

Julie Staker, 2018’s Chief Marketing Officer of the Year, says her winding journey put her in the perfect position to sell her alma mater, which is coming off its largest enrollment year in history.

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