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Looking back on lessons learned

By John Langhorne / Guest Column

As I approach the end of my consulting career, it occurred to me sharing observations about how the organizational landscape has changed since 1984 might be of value.

Improve performance with time of reflection

By John Langhorne / Guest Editorial
The psychology of personal development has made great strides in the past couple decades. This is a result of a philosophical shift from exclusively studying people with mental problems to focusing on methods derived from studies of people in organizations of all types.

Finding real-life meaning in axioms

By John Langhorne / Guest Column
In a recent series of conversations with a small group of people, we fell into a discussion of axioms from the category of “managing people and organizations.” Most of these had an element of humor hard to ignore.

Performance management works when done with care

By John Langhorne / Guest Column
Sometime ago I wrote an article on performance appraisal (PA) noting the process works best when the focus is on professional development, not work performance, remediation or compensation. In summary, traditional PA is a good idea badly done.

Like people, not all personality tests are similar

By John Langhorne / Guest Column
Recently, the Wall Street Journal had an article with the title “Myers-Briggs Is a Crock.” Reading it, I could hardly control my chuckling. According to the article, 89 of the Fortune 100, as well as more than 250 federal agencies, use the personality test for employee selection. For years I have been railing against this massive fraud against my profession.

The nature and effects of employment

By John Langhorne/Guest Column
A job represents a powerful, interdependent relationship – a quid pro quo – between two parties, employer and employee. It is clear that many people involved in both aspects of this social contract have lost sight of the importance of these interdependent responsibilities.

In a world of immediate information, take time to reflect

By John Langhorne/Guest Column
In general, communication and the thinking that produces effective solutions, observations or actions can profit from a period of quiescence. Over the years I have advised many clients to “sleep on it.” After doing so, most report that the issues were clearer and the results better.

Candid conversations strengthen organizations

By John Langhorne / Guest Column
Trust-based organizations, whether they be private, nonprofit or public sector, operate more effectively and efficiently. Such organizations deliver outstanding services, products and information.

Measuring grit through the ‘Marshmallow Experiment’

By John Langhorne / Guest Column
Authort Angela Duckworth defines grit as “passion and perseverance for long-term goals,” and studies across many settings show that grit highly correlates with workplace success.

Takeaways from 25 years of leadership

By John Langhorne/Guest Column
Some years ago, when the Corridor Business Journal began publishing, several colleagues and I were invited to write a weekly column. Looking back at my columns, I perceive an interesting evolution.

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