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Posted on July 6, 2016 New sales model drives growth for Infinity

Account Executive Darian Boyd, who recently claimed the “Biggest Check” honor for sales commissions, says Infinity Delivers’ new sales agency model has made him more effective. PHOTO/DAVE DEWITTE   By Dave Dewitte Read More

Posted on July 6, 2016 E-bikes outride ‘cheating’ stigma in Iowa

Demand for 'the future of cycling' remains mixed as consumers mull price, tradition   By Dave DeWitte dave@corridorbusiness.com In Iowa, where many consider crossing the state ... Read More

Posted on July 6, 2016 Is your organization ready for change?

By Gale Mote / Guest Column Organizations that survive and thrive have developed the ability to successfully anticipate, initiate and sustain change that results in positive outcomes. Some companies are much better at leading change than oth... Read More

Posted on July 6, 2016 Developing a health care destination in the MedQuarter

By Tim Charles / Guest Column If you’ve traveled near downtown Cedar Rapids recently, you’ve likely seen lightpole banners and other signs featuring a large red “Q.” That “Q” indicates you’re in the heart of the city’s MedQuarter Regional Medic... Read More

Posted on July 5, 2016 Corridor manufacturers bringing jobs back

Agility, quality helping Corridor companies onshore production work, jobs   By Dave DeWitte dave@corridorbusiness.com Gerald Beranek looks through his truck cab for his lip bal... Read More

Posted on June 28, 2016 In a world of immediate information, take time to reflect

By John Langhorne / Guest Column In a meeting discussing the effects of the digital age on communications, a friend and colleague stated, “reflection is the process that allows us to convert information into knowledge.” This wise comment marked... Read More

Posted on June 28, 2016 Checking the facts of fact checkers

By Joe Sheller / Guest Column A local media birthday of note is coming up in July. On The Gazette’s web site, the first “Gazette Fact Checker” column is dated July 2015. So, a few weeks early, happy birthday, fact checker. I’m glad you’re ar... Read More

Posted on June 27, 2016 University of Iowa joins the big data rush

UI's Tippie College of Business expanding degree programs in analytics as big data goes even bigger   By Dave DeWitte dave@corridorbusiness.com Businesses large and small have ... Read More

Posted on June 27, 2016 Iowa City seeks revenue for affordable housing

Iowa City Administrator Geoff Fruin addresses the city council on June 21 during a presentation about expanding affordable housing. City council members plan to decide which strategies to pursue in September.  PHOTO/CHASE CASTLE  ... Read More

Posted on June 27, 2016 Annex Analytics brings data power to the people

Annex Analytics Chief Operating Officer Jim Thebeau, President Peggy Stover and Research Associate Maddie Shepard are shown in a conference room at Amperage Marketing, where Mr. Thebeau formerly served as chairman.  PHOTO/DAVE DEWITTE ... Read More

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