Stephanie ErnstingAge: 38

Occupation: Manager, Accounting – Rockwell Collins

What are your greatest professional achievements: I have passed a few professional exams, but I am most proud of my experience of “going global” at Rockwell Collins. I am leading a team that is implementing a global payroll solution and it has reshaped the way I view business and the world around me. We have encountered many learning opportunities, which has furthered my professional development.

Who are your mentors: My husband and parents are mentors to me. I often have conversations with my husband about how to handle certain situations. He is a very good sounding board for me. My parents are great supporters and if I am having a bad day or tough decision, I know I can always call my mom to talk through it. Tatum Buse (vice president, finance and corporate controller) was part of the team who hired me at Rockwell Collins, and she has consistently helped shape my career by providing advice and stretching me to take roles I would not have taken without a push. Diane Ramsey (executive director, IWLC) has opened my eyes to the opportunities in the community.

How do you ensure a balance between work and your personal life: I am lucky to have a strong family supporting me. My husband is very hands-on, and my parents and in-laws are always eager to help with our children. I stay organized at work and I have built an effective team who I can trust to be leaders themselves.

What’s something people should know about your generation in the workplace: I am a Gen Xer and we are very loyal to our families, mentors and companies. We will put in 100 percent everyday, but will make sure to balance work and home and spend time with our families.