Brian Roth

Signs of finance department dysfunction

We’ve worked with finance departments ranging from one to 100 people. Regardless of size or industry, five themes pop up over and over again. Focus on these five areas to help transform the value your finance team brings to your organization. 1. Evaluate the design of your team Your back office accounting team may have all of the right components, but roles and responsibilities evolve over time, leaving you with illogical division of duties, inefficient reporting structures, and vastly ...

Brian Roth - Controller, Outsourcing | February 9, 2019


Carrie Wagner

Investing like a woman is a wise business decision

Patient. Research-driven. Steady under pressure. Focused on the long-term. These are all traits of investment great, Warren Buffett, known for his buy-and-hold strategy and his need to truly understand the companies he invests in. If you ask him, the Oracle of Omaha admits that he shares these qualities with another demographic: female investors. In the male-dominated industry of investment advisors, women make up just 14 percent of advisors/brokers. While that number is growing, the deman...

Carrie Wagner - Director of Private Banking | April 16, 2018


Eli Wynes

Participant Choice gives investors more options

Looking back to 2009, we could hardly surf WebMD on our second generation iPhone, let alone call an Uber to take us to see our doctor while making a last-minute appointment through their mobile website. While we have enjoyed a nearly decade-long bull market, one of the lesser known recent financial breakthroughs is the creation of the “Participant Choice” platform within employer-sponsored retirement plans. Participant Choice allows active employees to use the investment advisory services ...

Eli Wynes - UICCU Wealth Management - Managing Director | February 19, 2018
Eli Wynes UICCU Wealth Management - Managing Director
Carrie Wagner Director of Private Banking
Brian Roth Controller, Outsourcing