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Dan Urzendowski

Cybersecurity checklist: Is your business at risk?

One of the top things on the minds of today’s business leaders, board members and IT staff is the risk of what a cybersecurity event might bring to the business. More and more business leaders are asking the question: How do we protect ourselves?  Business disruption, loss of revenue, loss of information and fear of public disclosure alongside changing public disclosure laws are all reasons why businesses are paying attention to cybersecurity. And one of the difficult things ab...

Dan Urzendowski - IT Sales Manager | May 23, 2019


Brian Roth

Signs of finance department dysfunction

We’ve worked with finance departments ranging from one to 100 people. Regardless of size or industry, five themes pop up over and over again. Focus on these five areas to help transform the value your finance team brings to your organization. 1. Evaluate the design of your team Your back office accounting team may have all of the right components, but roles and responsibilities evolve over time, leaving you with illogical division of duties, inefficient reporting structures, and vastly ...

Brian Roth - Controller, Outsourcing | February 9, 2019
Brian Roth Controller, Outsourcing
Dan Urzendowski IT Sales Manager