Six facets of human needs that drive business success

In good economic times and bad, some businesses find a path to success while others are forced to board up their windows and doors. What’s the difference between those that soar and those that flounder?

Website is critical to tell your story

By Anna Patty | Guest Column
The past 12 months have abundantly clarified the importance of telling the story of our nonprofits online and with richer content than ever before. A nonprofit’s website is key to its ability to communicate.

Trucking continues to deliver

By Brenda Neville | Guest Column
One year ago, our lives changed forever when we were all thrust into a pandemic.

Sobering statistics

CBJ Editorial
We were disappointed, but not surprised, that about 12% of Iowa small and medium-sized businesses went out of business and 20% reduced employment due to the pandemic, according to a February survey by Facebook of 227 businesses.

UIHC’s pro-business ethos

CBJ Editorial
The University of Iowa has had a love-hate relationship with the business community for decades.

An unprecedented stretch of news

By Joe Coffey | The Fifth Estate
With all due respect to the generations of journalists who practiced their trade here in the Corridor before March 2020, I must say – they didn’t work that hard.

The nature of courageous leadership

By Jennifer Zach | Guest Column
Courageous leadership is a choice, and if there is one thing leaders from around the world agree on, it’s the need for more courageous leaders.

Creative solutions needed to keep workforce in the Corridor

By Jennifer Lawrence | Guest Column
As a CBJ subscriber and 25-year local HR professional, I wanted to reach out to you regarding Toyota’s decision to leave our community, and the comments made in the March 29 CBJ editorial. 

Iowa can address its digital divide with broadband vouchers

By Brent Skorup and Michael Kotrous | Guest Column 
Gov. Kim Reynolds has an ambitious plan for addressing broadband availability and affordability for Iowans.

Changing tide of capitalism

CBJ Editorial
Over the past several years there has been a change by some of the larger corporations and their leaders to push for more direction and regulation of companies to meet certain mandates perpetuated largely by political correctness.

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