Why we’re launching Intrapreneur Academy

By Mandy Webber / Guest Opinion
One of the biggest misconceptions about innovation is that it’s something done by a lone genius. Some computer whiz comes up with an idea, usually in a basement or a garage, that ends up changing the world overnight. Their idea was so good that there was no way it couldn’t succeed. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Building a culture based on leadership values

By Scott Rude / Guest Column
Forty years after offensive workplace behaviors were first named and pro­hibited, we still have significant issues. There’s no better time to assess ourselves and our compa­nies, and find a new path toward a better work­place for all concerned.

New – and familiar – challenges in academic medicine

By Brooks Jackson / Guest Column
It’s been just a little over two months since I joined University of Iowa Health Care. It’s been an accelerated learning curve getting to know the names and faces and the myriad responsibilities of the many people who collectively represent the day-to-day research, education and patient care operations of this impressive academic medical center.

How to get your new business noticed online

By Sherry Bonelli / Guest Column
Promoting your business online is one of the most effective ways to let potential customers know about your company. Here are just a few digital marketing strategies you should include in your company’s digital marketing plan.

Connecting the dots: From formation to raising capital

By Bill Daly / Guest Column
Entrepreneurs often recognize the need to establish a formal business entity, but don’t always appreciate that their initial choice in selecting and forming an entity can have a wide-ranging effect on how the company operates and grows.

Donald Kaul and ‘Over the Coffee’

By Joe Sheller / Guest Column
On Jan. 11 of this year, Kyle Munson reported in the Des Moines Register that longtime columnist Donald Kaul has ended treatment for cancer and does not expect to survive the year. He had retired from writing, and the world already sorely misses his voice. I can’t mourn his passing yet – that seems unseemly for someone still alive – but I can look fondly back on the era that Kaul represents to me.

Market analysis isn’t just for startups

By Linda Kuster / Guest Column
When business planning for 2018, did you in­vest resources in updating your market analysis? Prioritizing this work regularly can pay off in market share, revenue and profitability.

Keep the best, evolve the rest

By Lynn Manternach / Guest Column
Is it time to refresh your brand? Every brand needs to be updated periodically to remain relevant as markets and consumers evolve and change.

Four ways to increase employee retention

By Brenda LaMarche / Guest Column
In today’s competitive employment market, em­ployee retention is a hot topic. The more committed and stimulated employees feel, the more likely they are to stay with your company.

Four things to know about business contracts

By Jonathan Schmidt / Guest Column
Here are four things you should know about business contracts as we head into the new year.

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