Five ways to give your social media a makeover

By Sherry Bonelli / Guest Column
With just a few changes and a little effort, your social media channels could become the highlight of your digital marketing plan, generating more leads, more interest in your company and more sales.

Five tips for de-cluttering your communication

By Greg Dardis / Guest Column
I’m happy to present part two of my spring-cleaning series. This one comes is on de-cluttering your communication. There are so many ways to be sparser and, as a result, far more effective in how you communi­cate. Here are five.

Mayors: Budget woes, tax reform shouldn’t compromise local services

Letter to the Editor
In 2013, the state adopted property tax reform legislation that was hailed as “the largest property tax cut in Iowa’s history.” That legislation included a promise to soften the negative impacts on local governments. Faced with mounting budget deficits and a desire for tax reform, some state leaders may soon be inclined to forego that promise.

When it comes to branding, keep it simple

By Lynn Manternach / Guest Column
Is less really more when it comes to branding? To put it simply, yes.

Blum’s choice of metaphor goes too far

By Joe Sheller / Media Column
For 50 years, American journalists have been a favorite punching bag of Republicans. And that is fair – being critical of the news media is like being critical of politicians. Both are powerful entities that should represent the public interest, and therefore be open to public comment and criticism. But, in the age of Trump, many lines have been crossed.

Demonstrating quality and cost savings important

By Cheryle Mitvalksy / Guest Column
When Mercy Medical Center President and CEO Tim Charles offered me the opportunity to author a health care column on the topic of quality, I immediately said yes. As the chair of Mercy Medical Center’s Board of Trustees as well as chairperson of its Quality and Patient Safety Committee – and as a health care consumer – I strongly believe in the importance of transparent, easy-to-access information about safe, high-quality care.

Save the ‘Corridor’

By John Lohman / Guest Opinion
I’m passionate about the Corridor. Not just the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City region, but the Creative Corridor brand. That’s why I’m disappointed by a recent move to rebrand the region in a way that ignored the regional awareness and acceptance that has taken place over the past decade.

Making your PTO policy work for everyone

By Brenda LaMarche / Guest Column
Whether or not your company offers vacation, holidays and sick time or a simplified version of paid time off (PTO), how your company han­dles PTO is critical for the program’s success.

Are we on the cusp of the ‘digital ad bubble’?

By Molly Altorfer / Guest Column
Could the digital advertising bubble burst? The short answer is yes. But will it? And, re­lying on our financial analogy, will companies be able to call the “high” and the “low”?

Alexa, what’s the difference between AI, AR and VR?

By Jen Neumann / Guest Column
At last week’s CBJ Future of Technology luncheon, panelists led an informative discussion on innovative learning, technology and projects that are based here in the region. With that in mind, my firm has created a primer to help you understand the difference between some of the technologies discussed and to consider how it will affect businesses right here in ICR.

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