5 ways Facebook can help you target your audience

By Zach Schladetzky / Guest Column
As a marketer living in the now, you should know how to take advantage of one of the most targeted advertising platforms ever creat­ed. Here are five reasons you should develop a paid Facebook advertising strategy for your business.

From innovation to success with conjoint analysis

By Linda Kuster / Guest Column
It seems like everyone is involved in innovation these days. What most people discover, howev­er, is that it takes more than just a good idea to realize success. Innovation must be grounded in human needs, competitive in the current market and profitable.

How does public relations fit into your marketing plan?

By Besty McCloskey / Guest Column
In today’s hyper-connected, digital­ly focused world, marketing and public relations professionals need to work more closely than ever before to create effective campaigns, drive sales and in­crease brand awareness.

The power of women’s philanthropy

By Lois Buntz / Guest Column
In the next several decades, women will have access to more wealth than at any other time in history. They will earn and inherit wealth and have tremendous ca­pacity to be philanthropic. Here’s how.

Women leaders are making a difference

By Gale Mote / Guest Column
As we celebrate the CBJ’s 2018 Women of Influ­ence honorees, I have taken some time to reflect on what makes an effective leader and, specifical­ly, how women are making a positive difference in their homes, organizations and communities.

Five ways to give your social media a makeover

By Sherry Bonelli / Guest Column
With just a few changes and a little effort, your social media channels could become the highlight of your digital marketing plan, generating more leads, more interest in your company and more sales.

Five tips for de-cluttering your communication

By Greg Dardis / Guest Column
I’m happy to present part two of my spring-cleaning series. This one comes is on de-cluttering your communication. There are so many ways to be sparser and, as a result, far more effective in how you communi­cate. Here are five.

Mayors: Budget woes, tax reform shouldn’t compromise local services

Letter to the Editor
In 2013, the state adopted property tax reform legislation that was hailed as “the largest property tax cut in Iowa’s history.” That legislation included a promise to soften the negative impacts on local governments. Faced with mounting budget deficits and a desire for tax reform, some state leaders may soon be inclined to forego that promise.

When it comes to branding, keep it simple

By Lynn Manternach / Guest Column
Is less really more when it comes to branding? To put it simply, yes.

Blum’s choice of metaphor goes too far

By Joe Sheller / Media Column
For 50 years, American journalists have been a favorite punching bag of Republicans. And that is fair – being critical of the news media is like being critical of politicians. Both are powerful entities that should represent the public interest, and therefore be open to public comment and criticism. But, in the age of Trump, many lines have been crossed.

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