Flood protection waiting is over

CBJ Editorial
The Corridor was fortunately spared from devastating flooding this year, but each new rainstorm and flooding episode across the Midwest reminds us that Cedar Rapids doesn’t have complete flood protection, yet.

Customer feedback, insight crucial to product success

By Linda Kuster | Guest Column
Statistics on the percentage of new products and services launched into the market each year that fail vary from 40 to 90 percent. What can you do to move the numbers in your favor?

Act locally on environmental challenges

CBJ Editorial
With environmental challenges so large in scope and broad in geography, where do we start to combat them? Fortunately, the slogan “think globally and act locally” is playing out in several local initiatives in Linn County that could serve as a model for the rest of the nation.

Wealth preservation in business and real estate

By Maurie Cashman | Guest Column
A majority of high net-worth families have built wealth through the ownership, growth and sale of mid-market businesses and real estate. But research indicates that for 98 percent of these families, their great grandchildren will not see any of this wealth. What can be done about that?

Don’t fear the cloud – embrace it

By Jonathan Schmidt | Guest Column
In the past, I’ve been accused of being too concerned about security. My response is that people and companies are not concerned enough about it.

Make your deposit – at the blood bank

By Brooks Jackson / Health Care Column
As a pathologist with a background in transfusion medicine, and as a leader for a major health system in the area, recognizing the value of – and need for – maintaining adequate blood supplies is an issue that’s never far from my mind.

When is it time to outsource HR?

By Brenda LaMarche | Guest Column
Human resources represents a wide variety of tasks ranging from payroll and taxes to benefits administration to legal compliance. Because of that, many small businesses are looking to outsource HR. But is it right for your business?

How PR has gone social

By Betsy McCloskey | Guest Column
The field of public relations has seen dramatic shifts over the past 10 years with the rise of digital – and specifically, social media.

Workplace culture worth celebrating

CBJ Editorial
The CBJ is proud to have recognized “cool” companies in the Corridor for the past seven years. In this week’s issue, we again highlight many of the region’s coolest companies and best places to work.

Corridor brand is alive and well

CBJ Editorial
It is sometimes said that your brand is what people say about you behind your back. In the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area, the regional brand firmly remains the Corridor or Iowa’s Creative Corridor.

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