Economic optimism holds for major Iowa companies

By Georgia Van Gundy | Guest Column
As we reflect on state workforce trends and the Iowa Business Council’s economic outlook for the year, it’s fair to say while the labor shortage continues to be a priority, the state is in a position of strength.

How social media is humanizing journalism

By Joe Coffey | The Fifth Estate
It’s no secret to TV news directors and the behavior consultants who help them shape the news that audiences long for a connection with the people who report it.

Forget Christmas in July, plan your year-end campaign now

By Anna Patty | Guest Column
Once upon a time, we could spend Thanksgiving enjoying time with family and relaxing in the afternoon. Today, that’s often not the case.

The UI’s smart shift in economic development

CBJ Editorial
For as long as we can remember, University of Iowa leaders have been trying to figure out economic development and the role the institution should play regionally and statewide.

Helping people thrive goes beyond medicine

By Tim Charles / Health Care Column
First and last breaths are taken inside hospitals every day, and from those beautiful first moments to the melancholy last, medicine has an important role along the way. Medicine makes it possible to achieve and maintain good health.

Ho hum on UTC-Raytheon

CBJ Editorial
The recent announcement that Collins’ parent company, United Technologies Corp., plans to merge with defense contractor Raytheon to create an aerospace giant in the same league as Boeing and Airbus had us surprisingly ambivalent.

The value of PR beyond the numbers

By Betsy McCloskey | Guest Column
The value of public relations can be hard for people to grasp, especially in this data-driven world. While there are ways to measure PR, the value goes beyond the numbers. PR is an investment in your brand, your reputation and your company.

Celebrating our Fastest

CBJ Editorial
The Corridor Business Journal was again privileged to host the annual Fastest Growing Companies awards event last week. The companies recognized are the “gazelles” that are creating the jobs and the wealth that economic development and public officials covet.

How unconscious bias impacts decision making

By Gale Mote  | Guest column
We know teams make better, faster decisions. When a group creates an environment that respects the diverse skills, talents and viewpoints of its members, great outcomes can happen.

Keep on truckin’, Corridor

CBJ Editorial
It’s no secret that the trucking industry is an especially crucial element of the Corridor economy. It’s one of the few industries that nearly everyone can agree is fundamental to our regional vitality.


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