Innovation – with or without us

By Maurie Cashman | Consulting Column
Innovation happens every day in companies and classrooms, on farms and athletic fields throughout the Corridor.  An innovation is different from an invention and is defined as a new method, idea or product. 

Whistle while you work: 4 ways to be happier in your job

By Greg Dardis | Consulting Column
There are simple ways to boost your happiness at work – here are four of them you can put into practice today.

Putting EdTech center-stage

CBJ Editorial
Several years ago there was a visioning process striving to identify important common regional industry sectors and themes that could be a galvanizing point for the Corridor. Education technology or EdTech wasn’t on the initial list, to our dismay.

It’s time to get real (with your branding)

By Lynn Manternach | Branding Column
There’s a lot of buzz these days about brand authenticity. But what makes a brand authentic?

How to resolve a contractual dispute

By Jonathan Schmidt | Law Column
Contracts often are made and broken. Certain matters that were believed to be clear become foggy. Terms are disputed. What constitutes complete performance is debated. In those instances, the parties may have difficulty in resolving their disputes.

Keeping SouthGate in a Corridor family

CBJ Editorial
Whenever there is an acquisition of a locally owned company, there tends to be an elevated level of anxiety, as we witnessed last year with a series of acquisitions that riled stakeholders in the region. The latest, involving SouthGate Companies, is no exception.

What does Google look for when ranking webpages?

By Sherry Bonelli | Guest Column
The goal for any business with a website is for it to rank high on Google and get seen by potential customers. But how do you get to that coveted No. 1 spot in search results?

A salute to those covering the Corridor

By Joe Coffey  |  The Fifth Estate
Journalists of the Corridor, you’ve chosen a career that is both dying and one of the most important jobs around. Thank you for sticking with it.

UFG’s gift to Cedar Rapids

CBJ Editorial
UFG Insurance’s remodeling of the American Building in downtown Cedar Rapids might be its most significant and symbolic gift to date.

Can you please find coworkers I can actually work with?

By Gale Mote / Guest Column
Leaders can take three very important steps to ensure that team members actually have colleagues they enjoy working with and can get things done collaboratively rather than in spite of one another.


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