The value of PR beyond the numbers

By Betsy McCloskey | Guest Column
The value of public relations can be hard for people to grasp, especially in this data-driven world. While there are ways to measure PR, the value goes beyond the numbers. PR is an investment in your brand, your reputation and your company.

Celebrating our Fastest

CBJ Editorial
The Corridor Business Journal was again privileged to host the annual Fastest Growing Companies awards event last week. The companies recognized are the “gazelles” that are creating the jobs and the wealth that economic development and public officials covet.

How unconscious bias impacts decision making

By Gale Mote  | Guest column
We know teams make better, faster decisions. When a group creates an environment that respects the diverse skills, talents and viewpoints of its members, great outcomes can happen.

Keep on truckin’, Corridor

CBJ Editorial
It’s no secret that the trucking industry is an especially crucial element of the Corridor economy. It’s one of the few industries that nearly everyone can agree is fundamental to our regional vitality.

Supercharge your company with a new CRM

By Jen Neumann | Tech Column
When you lack a formal system, such as a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) program, for tracking customer data, you lose data points along the way.

Pitching in for quality of life

CBJ Editorial
With so many pressing social needs, it can be hard to focus philanthropy on capital projects like Prospect Meadows and ConnectCR, but we applaud those who have made these investments in our area.

Local TV news needs a whiteboard session

By Joe Coffey | The Fifth Estate
The time is right for local TV news stations to pioneer a new product. Current newscast audiences — older demographics with traditional viewing habits — are literally dying off.

Mental health: A critical consideration for society

By Michelle Niermann | Health Care Column
In May, we recognized Mental Health Month. Mental health remains a topic of critical importance in our country

Private dollars fuel a building boom

CBJ Editorial
All across the Corridor from Marion to Coralville to Cedar Rapids to Tiffin from Hiawatha to Iowa City and everywhere in between is an unprecedented construction boom funded primarily through private investment.

Innovation – with or without us

By Maurie Cashman | Consulting Column
Innovation happens every day in companies and classrooms, on farms and athletic fields throughout the Corridor.  An innovation is different from an invention and is defined as a new method, idea or product. 


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