The Corridor isn’t full

CBJ Editorial
A well-functioning immigration system is important to our current and future economic success in the region, state and nation, and despite a lot of rhetoric it’s been a long time since we had one.

Finding the sweet spot when giving back

By Anna Patty/ Nonprofits Column
I want to make a difference. But how do you help in a way that is truly helpful? And if you are a nonprofit marketing or development officer, how do you make sure the time donated to your organization is spent doing something that will help you? 

What keeps Iowa farmland values steady?

By Ben Isaacson and Maurie Cashman / Focus Column 
The grain farmer is in the sixth year of declining commodity prices, but the demand for land ownership has remained strong. How do you explain that?

Navigating workplace politics

By Scott Rude / Culture Column
Climbing the corporate ladder is a worthy goal. But many of us are more concerned with doing a good job and being rewarded and recognized based on merit, without regard for political artifice.

A silver living to the United Technologies deal

CBJ Editorial
The acquisition and integration of Rockwell Collins by United Technologies Corp. (UTC) has caused some anxiety and consternation in the Corridor. But the acquisition illustrates that a bigger and more diversified company in a global marketplace can be more resilient against unexpected market forces.

Master the art of employee performance reviews

By Brenda LaMarche / HR Column
Addressing employee performance is one of the most important communication issues in business today. Not only do you need to be timely and accurate with this communication, but it needs to be consistently applied to all employees.

Writing for shorter attention spans

By Jen Neumann / Marketing Column
As marketers or information sharers, it’s frustrating because we struggle to put information out in every format that we possibly can, to catch the attention of our audiences and share what we think is vital information. But we often find out that our missives have gone unread.

The secret to speaking well: listening well

By Greg Dardis / Consulting Column
The ability to speak well is predicated on the ability to listen well. The listening comes first.

Don’t silo your customer data and insights

Linda Kuster / Marketing Column
There are so many channels today for gathering customer data and insights that it can be challenging to determine the ideal mix for soliciting information without fatiguing customers and/or staff.

Looking at all factors when choosing health care

By Judith Johnson-Mekota | Health care column
Health care in America is constantly changing. As private health care delivery models transform, one question that frequently comes to mind is, “Why should I choose VA for my health care?”


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