Job skills that matter most in the Corridor

By Gale Mote / Management Column
There has been much conversation locally regarding the workforce skills gap. I believe there are some truisms to remember when you are on either side of the hiring desk.

Picture this: Compelling local media images

By Joe Coffey / The Fifth Estate
Corridor media outlets, please figure out how to put engaging, fitting, real images on the stories you produce.

Family business transitions critical to regional health

By Maurie Cashman / Consulting Column
When it comes to envisioning a healthier region, how closely do we look at the health of the family businesses that make up our employment base?

Personal, professional partnerships strengthen all

By Sean Williams / Guest Column

There are people who believe in going it alone – that they will be more successful if they work according to their own terms and rules. Most of us though learn early in life that no man is an island. With, and through, others we can accomplish much and do it faster and better.

Reflecting on career lessons learned

By Gale Mote / Guest Column
Would you do anything differently? It’s a question I am frequently asked by those contemplating starting their own business. The answer, after 28 years of living the dream is, “of course — yes!”

What happens after you win your lawsuit?

By Jonathan Schmidt \ Law Column
If you’ve had to engage in a long and hard-fought legal battle, you know it can be extremely stressful —and even if you accomplish the goal you initially set out to achieve with a lawsuit, it doesn’t mean your litigation efforts are over.

The importance of growing our talent pool

By Jen Daly / Guest Column
Where can we find employees? It’s a phrase our ICR Iowa team hears weekly from employers large and small throughout Iowa City-Cedar Rapids (ICR) region.

Are you making an impact with your PR?

By Betsy McCloskey / Guest Column
Measuring success has long been the Achilles’ heel of public relations. While it is true that it’s hard to correlate PR efforts directly to sales results, that doesn’t mean you can’t measure success.

Media matters – then and now

Introducing the CBJ’s rebooted media column, The Fifth Estate, by Joe Coffey.

Hospitals have responsibility to care for patients’ financial health  

By Tim Charles / Guest Column
The new year brought a new nationwide hospital regulation. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services asked that, on Jan. 1, hospitals post the price of services online to bolster price transparency.  

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