A major Corridor attraction arrives

CBJ Editorial
Steve Shriver, the well-known business owner and serial entrepreneur from Cedar Rapids, sagely advised, “Don’t open an event venue during a pandemic,” during the CBJ’s 90 Ideas in 90 Minutes event in May.

Media lessons from the derecho

By Joe Coffey | The Fifth Estate
When you study each generation’s “where were you when” stories, like the JFK assassination or 9/11, you’ll notice that media technology is a main character.

General Mills project sends positive signal

CBJ Editorial 
An award of tax incentives for General Mills in Cedar Rapids by the state’s economic development board didn’t attract much notice, but strikes us as an encouraging sign for that company’s future in the Corridor.

A Duane Arnold Energy Center eulogy

CBJ Editorial
When a prominent business or community leader dies or retires in ordinary times, there is a funeral or reception to honor them. But what happens when a prominent business or industry closes? Typically, nothing.

Replacing our ‘flyover’ image

CBJ Editorial
The derecho that ravaged much of the Corridor, especially Cedar Rapids and Marion, has caused much lamentation that the national news neglected this big story.

Four lessons from coronavirus for improving work performance

By John Graham | Guest Column
If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that an unseen, but deadly, force kicked us out of our comfort zone.

A Big (Ten) loss

CBJ Editorial
First came the COVID-19 pandemic, then the destructive derecho storm, and now the loss of the University of Iowa’s fall football season.

Don’t write off TikTok just yet

By Joe Coffey | The Fifth Estate
Before you declare that TikTok isn’t your thing, consider that you’ve been through this before.

Posturing for points against Big Tech

CBJ Editorial
Every few years Congress conducts a parade of successful business executives through committee hearings to lambast them and score political points.

Going virtual? Think differently about your event

By Jen Neumann | Guest Column
As organizations are forced to retool traditional events, nearly everything has gone virtual, with varying degrees of success.

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