Letter: More clarity (and funding) needed for PPP

These are unprecedented times and we require unprecedented solutions. Politics must take a back seat so that essential service providers, including those in our industry, are able to lend the helping hand that is so needed at this time.

Positive actions your small business can take now

By Brenda LaMarche | HR Column
The entire country has been affected by the coronavirus as illnesses and business closures continue to swell. What can you do, as a small business, even if your doors are now closed?

Raytheon era begins at Collins Aerospace

CBJ Editorial
The merger of Raytheon Co. and United Technologies Corp. on April 3 ushered in a new era for Collins Aerospace, the Corridor’s largest private employer. While this merger of equals has its pros and cons for the region, we see more of the former.

A long April

CBJ Editorial
Some businesses are experiencing a massive slowdown or near complete cessation of operations, and unemployment numbers are increasing at an alarming rate.

COVID-19 reshaping media world 

By Joe Coffey | The Fifth Estate
While many types of businesses are waiting for a return to normal, the coronavirus is forcing local media organizations to evolve and face the future now.

Boost your odds with a financial crisis plan

By Maurie Cashman
Crisis management plans are critical to sound business planning, whether for personal or business purposes. Implementing a financial crisis plan may be the difference in whether you survive or fail.

Get help for pandemic stress

CBJ Editorial
We encourage small business owners and their managers who are feeling stressed and desperate to seek the help they might need from a medical professional or, at the very least, from a peer. Keeping stress bottled up is not a healthy way to get through something as foreboding as this.

Make casino site a downtown catalyst

CBJ Editorial
A city-owned site between the Cedar River and I-380 once earmarked for a casino could be Cedar Rapids’ catalyst for more downtown development if developed properly.

Trolls can be beneficial if you know how to use them

By Joe Coffey | The Fifth Estate
If you want your company’s online platforms to be engaging, you need good content and user interaction. Let people comment and ask questions.

City leadership fills a void

CBJ Editorial
We don’t live in a perfectly cohesive region, but fortunately that hasn’t been a major impediment, because our regional economy is strong.


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