Trade war, tariffs affect business valuation

By Maurie Cashman / Guest Column
Tariffs and trade have an impact on your busi­ness, whether you feel it directly or not. Our basic equation for valuation is: value = benefits x risk factor. Anything affecting the bene­fits derived from a business or the risk in achiev­ing those benefits impacts value.

Data appending: 2019’s business phrase of the year

By Jen Neumann & Peggy Stover / Guest Column
We all know that data is a big focus — how we collect it, how we use it and how it benefits busi­ness. In 2019, we expect that “data appending” will be something that becomes more accessible for many businesses.

Attracting and retaining top talent a top priority

By Michelle Niermann / Health Care Column
In light of historically low unemployment rates, almost every organization is searching for ways to effectively recruit and retain top talent.  Health care organizations are no exception.

Four years of tracking changes in Corridor media

By Joe Sheller / Media Column
This column has lasted just a little more than a presidential term. But after a few months more than four years, my media musings in the Corridor Business Journal are drawing to an end. This is my final essay here.

Be wary of the ‘Pink Tax’

By Emily Bettridge / Guest Editorial
If you don’t think you are part of the pop­ulation falling prey to marketers’ attempts at making more money off you, purely because you’re a woman … think again.

How microlearning can improve workforce development

By Gale Mote / Guest Column
The familiar 70:20:10 learning model tells us that learners obtain 70 percent of their knowl­edge from job-related experiences, 20 percent from interactions with others and 10 percent from formal educational events. And yet, that’s not how many organizations are structuring their training.

Smoothing the path for the customer journey

The companies that are the most successful at defining and implementing a truly differen­tiated customer experience are those that start with a clearly defined brand.

Choosing more meaningful work in the new year

As the year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the most meaningful work our company has done over the past 12 months. Amid our busy careers, it’s important to step back and assess: What meant the most to you?

Asset recycling could bridge funding gap

State and local governments are sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars in aging but revenue-generating infrastructure assets. Republicans and Democrats can be brought together through a process called asset recycling.

As climate changes, so does weather news

As the old joke goes, everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. Then again, as a species, climate scientists point out that we have done something about it — or more aptly, about the climate — and the news stories have been heating up as this change wreaks havoc on our lives.

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