Population health and the future of veteran health care

By Judith Johnson-Mekota / Health Care Column
On June 6, the VA implemented the MISSION Act of 2018 and launched some of the largest changes in health care delivery by the Department of Veterans Affairs in recent memory. 

Think like a customer or lose the sale

By John Graham | Guest Column
Why is thinking like a customer dangerous? It’s the noxious notion that leads down the dark and dismal path to serious trouble – lost sales

Keeping track on the Inc. 5000

CBJ Editorial
Iowa was in the middle of the pack of Midwestern states for number of companies on the Inc. 5000. We had 31 companies this year with an average revenue growth of 133 percent, up from 26 in 2018.

The secret sauce: How to become a more self-aware leader 

By Greg Dardis | Guest Column
In order to become a more effective leader, you must understand your strengths and weaknesses. You must be aware of what motivates you and your decision making.

Do you know how your customers are shopping?

By Linda Kuster | Guest Column
In the Corridor, we have witnessed a number of retailers closing their stores. The perception might be that retail is heading online, but the reality is that there continues to be a net increase in retail locations.

A safe bet on sports betting

CBJ Editorial
Iowa was the first state in the nation to legalize modern riverboat gambling in 1991, and effective Aug. 15, it will become one of the first 20 states to implement legalized sports betting.

Embracing a disruptive force in Amazon

CBJ Editorial
It now looks as if Amazon, the e-commerce giant and iconic disruptor, might be coming to Iowa City for a new “last-mile” fulfillment hub.

Helpful tips for receiving constructive feedback

By Gale Mote | Guest Column
Let’s be truthful – no one likes to receive feedback on something they need to improve upon or change. But it’s an important step for growing as a professional.

The debate we should be having about immigrants

By Maurie Cashman | Guest Column
Immigrants contribute to business in the United States in ways and degrees that are not commonly portrayed in public debate.

How we talk about diversity is changing

By Christine Hawes | Guest Column
As a 51-year-old lesbian who has been open at my workplaces since pre-Ellen, I’ve witnessed an evolution in workplace diversity, through the lens of my LGBTQ identity.


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