Boost your odds with a financial crisis plan

By Maurie Cashman
Crisis management plans are critical to sound business planning, whether for personal or business purposes. Implementing a financial crisis plan may be the difference in whether you survive or fail.

Get help for pandemic stress

CBJ Editorial
We encourage small business owners and their managers who are feeling stressed and desperate to seek the help they might need from a medical professional or, at the very least, from a peer. Keeping stress bottled up is not a healthy way to get through something as foreboding as this.

Make casino site a downtown catalyst

CBJ Editorial
A city-owned site between the Cedar River and I-380 once earmarked for a casino could be Cedar Rapids’ catalyst for more downtown development if developed properly.

Trolls can be beneficial if you know how to use them

By Joe Coffey | The Fifth Estate
If you want your company’s online platforms to be engaging, you need good content and user interaction. Let people comment and ask questions.

City leadership fills a void

CBJ Editorial
We don’t live in a perfectly cohesive region, but fortunately that hasn’t been a major impediment, because our regional economy is strong.

Business owners can’t plan on yesterday

By Scott Bushkie | Guest Column
Most business owners underestimate the time it takes to sell and exit their business. It’s not like selling a house.

The journey of aging: Approaching life transitions

By Ron Detweiler | Guest Column
In order to prepare for life transition challenges, research and results suggest that proactive planning starting at an earlier age results in a more financially successful retirement.

Making new IC ‘Partnership’ work

CBJ Editorial
Membership organizations must continually evolve and change to ensure that they are providing value to their members. If they don’t, they risk becoming irrelevant, causing membership to decline to an unsustainable level.

To compete, Iowa must cultivate its career pipeline and grow

By Joe Murphy | Guest Column
The Iowa Business Council has worked to elevate Iowa’s economic vitality through global thought leadership, research and advocacy since it was established in 1985.

Annual brand confusion reins

CBJ Editorial
It’s the time of year for those annual meetings of economic development organizations in the Corridor, where members network and receive an update on the progress of the past year.


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