Can you afford not to train your employees?

By Brenda LaMarche / Guest Column
Employee retention is always at top of mind for any employer. It is important to think about what employees want and need in order to stay and grow with your company. If you don’t al­ready have a well-developed training program, you can boost retention and productivity by de­veloping one for your team.

Six reasons John McCain was an unforgettable speaker

By Greg Dardis / Guest Column
The scope of John McCain’s 81 years is remarkable, especially the five and a half years he spent as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. But what made him so effective as a public servant was his ability to change minds and touch hearts through pub­lic speaking. His legacy is largely defined by the memorable addresses he gave.

Working capital is like gas in your car

By Scott Bushkie / Guest Column
Your working capital is like gas in your car. Es­tablish a habit of fast payment, slow collections and excess inventory, and you’ve basically turned your well-oiled machine into a gas guzzler. Go into a sale in this condition and you’re basically giving away money.

Recognizing human trafficking a step toward ending it

By Tim Charles / Health Care Column
Human trafficking is a rapidly growing concern. The International Labor Organization estimates more than 500,000 people are trafficked in the country with all 50 states reporting.

Where will Cedar Rapids GO from here?

CBJ Editorial
Cedar Rapids is experiencing a significant fiasco involving its convention and visitor’s bureau, GO Cedar Rapids, and its bold, three-day newbo evolve festival that lost $2.3 million. More investigation is needed.

Iowa media unify in free press message

By Joe Sheller / Media Column
This month more than 300 newspapers across America opined on the same point, taking President Donald Trump to task for describing media as “fake news” and “enemies of the people.” Papers from Eastern Iowa joined in.

Don’t let your company be the next viral PR disaster

By Betsy McCloskey / Guest Columnf
In today’s world of Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, it only takes a simple quote, a 15-second video clip or a photo to create a massive PR crisis. Just one angry tirade or ill-advised comment, even behind closed doors, can have devastating consequences to a brand.

How to build authority in a digital world

By Sherry Bonelli / Guest Column
Building your company’s authority can not only help with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and help you rank higher, but it can also help build trust with potential customers. But how do you do it?

Make an impact with your market research

By Linda Kuster / Guest Column
Should ROI be the barometer for market research studies? Bruce Olson argues in the August issue of Survey Magazine that ROI misses the point and that the value of an insight is complicated and cannot be measured quantitatively. He recommends that researchers focus on “one primary goal: to make an impact,” and says that the value of research is the degree to which it affects or influences decision-making.

Stakes are high for Iowans in pilot shortage

By Marty Lenss / Guest Column
Twenty U.S. communities lost all their air service this year. Another 26 communities lost 75 percent of their air service. Why are these airports no longer connected? In part, because of a growing pilot shortage.

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