What makes your brand different?

Lynn Manternach/Tree Full of Owls
Differentiation is critical to your success. It will help make people aware of your business and help them understand why they should choose your product or service over other options.

On managing knowledge workers

John Langhorne/Tree Full of Owls
Have you ever had one of those great experiences where someone brings you information that is so provocative that you vacillate cognitively between the poles of “this is exactly right” and “this is exactly wrong?”

A full brain and charged batteries

Gale Mote/Tree Full of Owls
Spending three intense days at the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) International Conference and Expo in Orlando has my brain full and batteries recharged.

From ‘like’ to ‘loyalty’ on Facebook

Lynn Manternach/Tree Full of Owls
If your company is on Facebook, there’s a good chance you’ve been focusing on ways to increase the number of “likes” you have collected.

Suppository jars, good jelly and bad customer service

Dennis Schrag/Tree Full of Owls
My mother’s aunt was an Italian immigrant who spoke very limited English. She and her husband settled in a small Iowa railroad community.

Parenting, managing inform one another

John Langhorne/Tree Full of Owls
On occasion people ask “What’s the difference between parenting and managing?” My reply is “Children are shorter.”

The Fram oil filter man was right!

Gale Mote/Tree Full of Owls
Building an effective team requires a significant investment of time early in the development process.

Are your customers satisfied?

Lynn Manternach/Tree Full of Owls
How satisfied are your customers? Are they as satisfied with your product or service as they were at this time last year?

Have a good idea? Here are 4 ways to kill it

Dennis Schrag/Tree Full of Owls
Many, many years ago, I was starting a new position as a marketing manager. The organization was conservative. (I am not.) By conservative, I mean slow to change and financially tight.

It’s best to sleep, perchance to dream

John Langhorne/Tree Full of Owls
We learned that events and decisions often look very different the next morning. Doris intuitively knew if we caught some ZZZs, we would make the right decision.

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