Do you have the entreprenuer’s edge?

By Gale Mote / Guest Column
There are a number of reality checks that entrepreneurs face every day: working capital, market growth, employee engagement, day-to-day operations and technology. However, many owners do not take enough time to focus on themselves, their personal impact on the business and their careers.

How I built a career out of fear

By Greg Dardis / Guest Column
Speakers are not born, they are made. No matter who you are and what you do, proper training can turn you into an excellent speaker.

Democracy needs a free press

CBJ Editorial
On Aug. 16, hundreds of U.S. news organizations, led by the Boston Globe, published editorials denouncing the administration’s approach and emphasizing the importance of a free and independent press. It is important that we join this show of solidarity.

Editorial: Avoiding an epochal shutdown

CBJ Editorial
What is it going to take to prevent the shutdown of the Duane Arnold Energy Center, Iowa’s only nuclear power plant located in Palo?

Spam isn’t only for your email

Ryan Shenefelt | Guest Column
Businesses across the Corridor are experiencing strange traffic when they dive into their Google Analytics referrals. Spam companies attempting to promote their web-based products have found a unique way to get in front of a company’s web team: by carpeting their referral traffic with illegitimate visits for “top of mind” advertising.

Remember, it’s all about the customer

By Lynn Manternach / Guest Column
It’s time to start thinking about next year’s marketing budget. How are you going to allocate your resources to make a measurable difference? A well-executed customer experience strategy can help increase customer satisfaction, reduce customer churn and boost your revenue.

How to get the fish on the line

By John Graham / Sales Column
Years ago, salespeople were expected to get in front of prospects. Today, those doors are sealed shut – all of which makes prospecting frustrating and, unfortunately, bordering on useless. No wonder salespeople plead for leads and, hoping to get lucky, keep their fingers crossed. What can you do?

Bridging the gender divide in corporate America

By Betsy McCloskey / Guest Column
Last year was a breakthrough year for women everywhere. With the #MeToo and TIME’S UP movements that started in Hollywood, the gender struggle has been brought to the forefront of conversations.

Putting the patient back together

By Ted Townsend / Guest Column
The shocking deaths of fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain last month seemed somehow intertwined, timed so close together as to reinforce the hidden message behind whatever drove them to suicide. 

Who’s the client when a business is involved?

By Jonathan Schmidt / Guest Column
Attorney-client privilege is one of the most important protections afforded to litigants in a lawsuit. This privilege protects all communications that occur between an attorney and a client for purposes of seeking or receiving legal advice. This means that clients and their attorneys can talk without restraint or worry about how their comments might be interpreted were the other party to see them.

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