Making new IC ‘Partnership’ work

CBJ Editorial
Membership organizations must continually evolve and change to ensure that they are providing value to their members. If they don’t, they risk becoming irrelevant, causing membership to decline to an unsustainable level.

To compete, Iowa must cultivate its career pipeline and grow

By Joe Murphy | Guest Column
The Iowa Business Council has worked to elevate Iowa’s economic vitality through global thought leadership, research and advocacy since it was established in 1985.

Annual brand confusion reins

CBJ Editorial
It’s the time of year for those annual meetings of economic development organizations in the Corridor, where members network and receive an update on the progress of the past year.

How will your branding communicate ‘quality’?

By Besty McCloskey | Guest Column
Traditionally, manufacturing marketing is focused on sales. While business development is the number one concern for most industries, in a world where Google is the first source of information, things have changed.

Preserve the caucus impact

CBJ Editorial
The vote-counting debacle surrounding last week’s Iowa Democratic caucuses has resulted in much hand wringing and finger pointing.

Can the Terminator be an inventor?

By Charlie Damschen | Guest Column
The potential to increase glob­al productivity and generate tremendous wealth through the use of AI is extremely high. A recent analysis by Gartner projects that AI will directly contribute to a $2.9 trillion increase in business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity glob­ally within the coming year alone.

A declaration of our diversity focus

CBJ Editorial
We at the CBJ have been committed to supporting, connecting and promoting women leaders from throughout the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Corridor since our inception nearly 16 years ago.

Location matters equally in online storefront

By Jen Neumann | Guest Column
In an increasingly online world, does location still matter? Let’s revisit one of the oldest principles of marketing: “place” or location.

6 ways to foster resourcefulness at work

By Greg Dardis | Guest Column
The highest praise you can give entrepreneurs is to call them resourceful. Sure, it’s good to be industrious, intuitive, bold – but resourcefulness is that rare quality where it all comes together.

Closing DAEC won’t help climate change

CBJ Editorial
It has been interesting to note the increasing number of elected officials and governing bodies becoming woke to climate change.

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