Off the walls and into the halls

Gale Mote/Tree Full of Owls
I remember one time viewing a YouTube clip of Herb Kelleher, chairman of Southwest Airlines, discussing how he would characterize the culture of his organization. He went on to say that describing culture is much like the United States Supreme Court’s definition of pornography – “while it is difficult to put into words, you know it when you see it.”

Keeping it simple

Lynn Manternach/Tree Full of Owls
I’m a former TV news writer. A big part of my job was to communicate complex concepts as simply as possible. After my TV news adventures, I focused on obtaining a Ph.D. There, it seemed my job was to communicate complex concepts as complexly as possible.

Marketers, Where’s Your Inner Idol?

Heather Rast/Tree Full of Owls
Cheesy reality shows may be an addiction for American television audiences, but who’s to say clever marketers can’t find a good learning opportunity or two sandwiched somewhere between Steven, Jennifer, and Randy?

Work makes life sweet

John Langhorne/Tree Full of Owls
Some time ago I was teaching at a small residential college and noticed that high school students would enroll in the autumn and at Thanksgiving we would send home young adults.

Managing internal communications during rapid growth

Lynn Manternach/Tree Full of Owls
Internal communications can be a challenge for growing companies. When businesses reach a certain size, it’s not uncommon to run into communication roadblocks.

What to do when you need a real team

Gale Mote/Tree Full of Owls
As a manager, sometimes you inherit a group of people who simply don’t work well together. The symptoms are clear: team members would rather discuss issues behind each other’s backs rather than directly confront someone.

Does the customer’s journey lead to you?

Heather Rast/Tree Full of Owls
The journey a customer makes from consideration to buy – and on to bond, if the value proposition is strong enough – hasn’t been linear in a while. The decision journey is much more open-ended than itinerated, more hostel than concierge service.

Sorting out the bad apples in your company

Dennis Schrag/Tree Full of Owls
Bad apples, including deadbeats, downers and —holes bring down performance 30 percent to 40 percent compared to teams that don’t have them.

Boost your next meeting – get your participants engaged

Gale Mote/Tree Full of Owls
I have discovered a few simple techniques to keep participants productive and engaged.

Reflecting on the power of solitude

John Langhorne/Tree Full of Owls
Personality is the particular pattern of cognitive, emotional and behavioral patterns of an individual.


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