Fight dull project descriptions with storytelling

Mary Jo Finchum/Tree Full of Owls
Public relations professionals often fixate over choosing the best message, format and medium to reach their target audience. But one of the most powerful devices is the one used the least – classic storytelling.

When you are the coach

Gale Mote/Tree Full of Owls
Managers are responsible for transforming talent into performance, individual effort into collective results. I am increasingly convinced that strong coaching skills are essential for anyone in a leadership role.

On principles and rules: heuristics and algorithms

John Langhorne/Tree Full of Owls
One interesting and often confusing continuum is rules vs. principles. It appears many people have not really thought of this as a continuum and the inability to comprehend this distinction can cause problems.

Engage employees to communicate your brand

Lynn Manternach/Tree Full of Owls
Your employees are your primary brand communicators. Do you know what they are communicating?

Easy to difficult: Focus business development activities

Dennis Schrag/Tree Full of Owls
There is a simple, logical and little-used hierarchy for selling professional services. Selling trust-based services is never easy. But once trust is established, why not get the most from your efforts?

Volunteerism an excellent way to enhance company image

Mary Jo Finchum/Tree Full of Owls
A growing number of companies throughout the world have concluded that by adopting more socially responsive approaches, gains can be made for them and for society.

Build emotional intelligence of your team

Gale Mote/Tree Full of Owls
Most of the dysfunction I have experienced as a team member and facilitating teams is rooted in poor EQ skills.

Use this tool to increase your readability

Dennis Schrag/Tree Full of Owls
I write between the sixth and eighth grade levels. I know my readers. They are not unschooled. They are busy. They expect me to do the heavy lifting when it comes to writing.

What did you say? Feedback? What’s that?

John Langhorne/Tree Full of Owls
One of my least pleasant experiences as a consultant is to begin work with a company, do an assessment and discover that a manager or key employee is functioning in the “3” range on a scale where superior performance is “9.”

Employee engagement is vital to a strong brand

Lynn Manternach/Tree Full of Owls
If employees don’t understand and believe in your organization’s brand, they can’t deliver on the brand promise. And you can’t deliver on the brand promise without their help.


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