Highway 30 bypass brings us together

CBJ Editorial
The quiet opening last month of the Highway 30 Mount Vernon-Lisbon Bypass is a reminder of the importance of Iowa’s second-busiest cross-state route to the Corridor economy.

The difference between independent contractors and employees

By Jonathan Schmidt
If you run a business, you may have employees and you may have independent contractors. Legally, there are differences between the two. Do you know what they are?

Real-time research, big-time advantages

By Lynn Manternach | Guest Column
New and improved technologies are enabling easier access to customer research. Small and mid-sized businesses have the most to gain with improved access to easier, faster and efficient ways to conduct consumer research in-house.

Don’t forget to ask your employees what they think

By Linda Kuster | Guest Column 
Employees are a main driver for your brand, revenue and profitability. Yet, many organizations fail to monitor or evaluate their employee experience as carefully as they track their customers.

Durham lays out the challenges ahead

CBJ Editorial
Eight Corridor companies and organizations were honored for innovative workforce strategies last week at the CBJ Workforce Awards, an annual program produced in partnership with Kirkwood Community College to highlight and share ideas for attracting and retaining talent.

The greatest gift for the holidays

By Greg Dardis | Guest Column
Oprah Winfrey could do a dramatic reveal in her sleep. So, when it’s time to announce her holiday gift guide, she is more than ready.

Are you ready for a higher white-collar salary threshold?

By Brenda LaMarche | Guest Column
Starting Jan. 1, 2020, more than 1 million white collar workers will be eligible for overtime pay, and more companies will be responsible for paying overtime. Are you ready?

The right choice on Cargill’s ask

CBJ Editorial
Cargill has three manufacturing facilities in Cedar Rapids, where it employs about 600 and uses 200 contract employees. So, when Cargill came to the city with an audacious request – to build a private railyard for its corn milling facility on 16th Street SE – the city listened.

Are you at risk of derailing as a leader?

By Gale Mote | Guest Column
Some leaders demonstrate the right behaviors to keep their followers engaged and aligned, even in turbulent times. They are steadfast, decisive, resilient and focused.

Filling a void in Corridor leadership

CBJ Editorial
Next month we will publish the CBJ’s annual list of the most influential people in the region. What stands out this year, unfortunately, is a pronounced lack of diversity on the list and the stark void in local leadership by some of the region’s largest public companies.

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