Incivility blocks productive discourse

By Rod Blum / Guest Opinion
A profession in politics is not for the faint of heart. You need to have thick skin, a sense of humor and strong family support to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook. Many of my colleagues are on the receiving end of similar hate-filled messages daily. At what point should citizens say enough is enough?

Redefining power in a new age

By Ben Snyder / Guest Column
There is good reason to be awed and cynical about what the future might bring. We tend to fill the gap of what we don’t know by imagining a blob moving through our streets and sticking to what is comfortable. A blob causes us to have three reactions: fight, flight or freeze. Uncertainty and how we handle it drives our successes and failures.

Media unleashes flood of 2008 memories

By Joe Sheller / Guest Column
It’s bittersweet to look at images from 2008 and read remembrances. Much of the coverage this month has rightly focused on how the Corridor used the 2008 flood as a springboard for renewal. But it’s also true that, although no lives were directly lost, whole neighborhoods were wiped out. The scars from 2008 are too deep to erase.

Web surfers trust secure sites – can yours be trusted?

By Sherry Bonelli / Guest Column
With all the news about Facebook’s security and privacy issues, fears of personal information being used for nefarious purposes and identity theft, people are more conscious than ever about website security. How does your site stack up?

AI-based device an example of innovation at work

By Brooks Jackson / Guest Column
Innovation is a value most companies and organizations embrace. But what does innovation truly represent?

The importance of finding your why

By Greg Dardis / Guest Column
When I reflect on our 16-year journey with Dardis Communications, I see how crucial it was that we knew our why from day one. I truly believed we could help professionals become better leaders by refining their communication. This “why” provided direction in the beginning, a sense of purpose today and our true north for the future.

No more cookie cutter solutions

By Stephanie Majeran / Guest Column
You can’t build rapport or trust with others if you don’t take the time to get to know them. Simply shoving everyone into the same cookie-cutter system devalues who they are as individuals. if we aim to serve people –both employees and clients/customers – then profit and success will follow.

Eliminating the meeting after the meeting

By Gale Mote / Guest Column
As I work with teams, I find that eliminating the “meeting after the meeting” is one of the biggest hurdles teams need to overcome before they can work cohesively together. The ability to be real and transparent with one anoth­er in the moment is difficult.

A digital marketer’s checklist for GDPR

By Jen Neumann / Guest Column
While GDPR is activating in the EU, it will also have implications for U.S. businesses – even those with no business dealings overseas. Any U.S. company with a website that markets their product or services on the internet needs to shore up their policies and procedures as it relates to consumer data collection.

Make it stick with guerrilla marketing

By Betsy McCloskey / Guest Column
In today’s noisy media landscape, the key to being noticed is the implementation of unique communication methods that make an impact with your audience. Guerrilla marketing plays an important role in doing so.

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