Public speaking and public relations go hand-in-hand

by Mary Jo Finchum/Tree Full of Owls
We’ve all heard the statistics in regard to the fear of public speaking.

How should nonprofit boards handle grievances?

by John Langhorne/Tree Full of Owls
In many public benefit corporations (PBCs), grievances go to the executive.

10 rudiments of superior proposals

by Dennis Schrag/Tree Full of Owls
Superior proposals have a number of common elements.

Ideas for your 2011 public relations resolutions

by Mary Jo Finchum/Tree Full of Owls
For some reason the advent of a new year triggers many of us to make personal resolutions.

High tech leads to desire to ‘de-tech’

by Lynn Manternach/Tree Full of Owls
This is such an exciting time to be a marketer.

Note these habits of successful living

by John Langhorne/Tree Full of Owls
Recently, a psychologist asked a sample of 95 year olds, “If you could live your life over again, what would you do differently?”

Make it safe — eliminate the ‘meeting after the meeting’

by Gale Mote/Tree Full of Owls
A classic training video I frequently show is called “The Abilene Paradox” produced by CRM Films. In

Words of wisdom from Cicero resonate today

by John Langhorne/Tree Full of Owls
Marcus Tullius Cicero was assassinated on Dec. 7, 43 BCE

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