Brand values add brand value

By Lynn Manternach / Guest Column
Why does your business exist? If it’s just to make money, you might want to think a little bigger. Why does your brand exist in the world and society?

Graduation 2018: What has changed and what remains the same

By Joe Sheller / Media Columnist
While there was the usual smattering of photo galleries and graduation videos on local news sites this year, most graduation events this year have been personal rather than broadly newsworthy. And that’s OK.

Graduates: Consider opportunities in health care

By Sean Williams / Guest Column
Graduation season is upon us as thousands of young people complete their studies and move on to the next chapter in their lives. In Iowa City, the excitement is especially palpable with students completing undergraduate and graduate degrees, and many more graduating soon from our area high schools.

Protect your business secrets in a lawsuit

By Jonathan Schmidt / Guest Column
In order to protect sensitive or confidential information in a lawsuit, many parties agree to the use of protective or­ders. A carefully drafted protective order can go a long way toward keeping your private informa­tion out of the public eye. Here’s what you need to know.

What retirement plan is best for small business?

By Brenda LaMarche / Guest Column
Set­ting up a retirement plan for your small business doesn’t have to be a difficult, scary or expensive proposition; with a little background knowledge, you can choose the right type of plan for your business and work with a vendor to make it a reality.

Be curious about automation

By Jen Neumann / Guest Column
Automation was once the realm of the Jet­sons, and high-tech manufacturing – the robots are coming for our jobs! – was beyond the grasp of most small and mid-size companies. But with constant advances, automation is now available to almost all industries – not to men­tion in our homes, cars and daily lives.

The importance of self-improvement

By Greg Dardis / Guest Column
There is a considerable confidence boost that comes with refining your public-speaking skills. It helps you articulate and own your profession­al achievements.

Johnson County comprehensive plan proposal would stunt growth

By Casey Cook / Guest Opinion
While attending the League of Women Voters fo­rum for Johnson County supervisor candidates, I kept hearing the two incumbents express con­cerns about “sprawl” and “managing growth.” But phrases like “managing growth” and “pre­venting sprawl” should be examined more close­ly.

VA brings whole health to veteran patients

By Judith Johnson-Mekota / Guest Column
Our nation is grappling with health care in which professionals are seeking a delivery model that addresses ever-changing costs and complexity, while maintaining the agility to meet new demands from patients who understand more about their own health and expect excellence in their care.

School walkouts are made-for-media events

By Joe Sheller / Media Columnist
You couldn’t escape reminders of the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings in the local news media on April 20, and you probably shouldn’t have.

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