MECHANICALS 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
1 Block V (1.9″ w x 3.7″ h) 32.00 60.80 86.40 96.00
1 Block H (4.0″ w x 1.75″ h) 32.00 60.80 86.40 96.00
2 Blocks S (4.0″ w x 3.72″ h) 52.00 98.80 140.40 156.00
3 Blocks V (4.0″ w x 5.7″ h) 72.00 136.80 194.40 216.00
3 Blocks H (6.125″ w x 3.72″ h) 72.00 136.80 194.40 216.00
gross rates

Color (each ad per frequency)

Two-color (one plus black)……$20
Full color (CMYK)………………$45

Residential Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate

Advertising Deadlines

Ad copy/materials deadline:
Friday at noon, ten days prior to publication date.

Camera ready/electronic file deadline:
Monday at 5 pm, seven days prior to publication date.

Camera ready and electronic requirements:
If new ad material is not received by deadline, the most current ad will be picked-up. Late ads will not be accepted. Camera-ready ads must be made to exact size of space reserved. Ads need to be provided for output on a CD or emailed. Digital ads MUST be built in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or the preferred high-resolution 300 dpi PDF file. File must be provided in CMYK color space. Any questions regarding electronic requirements for emailed ads should be directed to your CBJ media consultant. High-resolution PDF files should be emailed to and copied to your CBJ media consultants.

  • All photo’s and copy provided by real estate firm or agent
  • No open houses – encourage including website to direct to open house listings

Changes allowed for frequency schedule includes:

  • Pricing change
  • If property sells copy can be replaced as long as it is within deadline. Otherwise, a SOLD banner will be placed across the ad.

For more information please call:

Kris Lacina:
(319) 887-2251 x305
Rhonda Roskos:
(319) 887-2251 x313
Kelly Meyer:
(319) 887-2251 x303