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Corridor companies look for ROI in IoT

Peter Murray has heard the buzz about the Internet of Things, and the vice president of marketing and sales for Iowa Wall Sawing is ready to hop on.

UI Museum of Art, “Mural” set for return to campus

Jackson Pollock’s “Mural” and the rest of the University of Iowa’s 15,500-item, $500 million art collection will return from their flood hiatus to a new campus home in 2020.

Viewpoint Molecular receives $2M in SBIR funding

An innovative new method of pinpoint­ing the location of advanced skin can­cer that has spread to other parts of the body has won a University of Iowa start­up a $2 million vote of confidence from the National Cancer Institute.

A foot in the door

Navigating the alphabet soup of suppli­er certifications aimed at helping wom­en-owned businesses can be daunting at first, but the rewards can also be worth it. Two Corridor business owners share their stories.

Kittd finds success through a pivot and play

Before officially opening their business in May 2015, kittd founders Kristie VanGorkum and Maria Sanchez-Masi spent week after week at coffee shops, poring over their ambitious plans to launch a line of “crafts in a box” for adults.

Voice of the Customer surveys go big

Not long ago, consumers could expect surveys only intermittently, no matter how often they did business with a company. That was partly because the surveys took time to develop and were costly to administer, but no longer.

Psychographics: The future is here

They know who you are, what you like, what you buy and what motivates you. And thanks to the rise of psychographic profiling and the increasing amount of data consumers willingly share, they will soon be able to market to you more directly than ever before.

Ortberg lays out UTC-Rockwell Collins deal

Recent public filings reveal what Rockwell Collins leaders are being told about the $30 billion deal to sell their company to United Technologies Corp., and what’s likely to play out in the months ahead.

UFG sells United Life for $280M

Spending $280 million to acquire the life insurance business of Cedar Rapids-based United Fire Group is part of a Chicago startup’s ambitious growth plans.

2017’s Coolest of the Cool: Oaknoll Retirement Residence

Iowa City’s Oaknoll Retirement Residence takes top honors in the CBJ’s 2017 Coolest Places to Work competition.

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