By Jeff Holmes

The American Heart Association of Cedar Rapids is an organization with a lot of heart for its employees, volunteers and the people it serves.

Reaching goals of funding research and providing education about cardiac problems and strokes is rewarding for its employees, who work as a team.

“The leadership in the organization is second to none,” wrote one employee in the nomination form. “Our organization’s lifesaving mission is to live healthier lives and to lead by example in our local office. It is gratifying to come to work every day, knowing what we do makes a difference in the lives of all Americans. Our team is always there to help one another when needed, with open arms.”

Beyond helping others, just coming to work is cool.

“My manager, my co-workers and the mission of the company make it the coolest. This company provides a phenomenal amount of training opportunities and online training is always at my fingertips. Communication is better than any place I’ve worked before,” another employee stated. “They have amazing benefits, a family-comes-first attitude, a work hard-play hard attitude and everyone helps everybody at every level. My boss gets right in there with us and does whatever has to be done to make our jobs successful. I love coming in to such an upbeat, positive and passionate boss and co-workers.”

The organization puts its employees first, allowing them to take care of their personal lives and families when necessary.

“The American Heart Association values us as employees. They are understanding of the need to have a flexible schedule for family/personal needs. To that end they give us paid time off the week between Christmas and New Years and are also very generous on our PTO days, retirement, benefits, etc.,” an employee stated in the nomination form. “One of the best things about working for the American Heart Association is the opportunity to telecommute if necessary. I am amazed by the thoughtfulness of management and their understanding of family/personal needs.”