From merging to moving, TrueNorth Companies has not only grown by leaps and bounds, but it is also a cool place to work, according to its employees.

“Our culture is unique – there is a good balance between family and professionalism,” said Dru Bridges, Chief Operations Officer. “We care about each other as individuals.”

TrueNorth is an insurance and financial services company founded in 2001 with the merger of Davis Jones Lamb Insurance, Insurance Service Corp. and Verhille & Associates.

After the 2008 flood damaged its building at Fourth Avenue and Fifth Street SE, TrueNorth swapped buildings with the severely damaged Cedar Rapids Public Library at 500 First St. SE. after an arrangement was made with the city of Cedar Rapids. Both buildings underwent amazing transformations with the new TrueNorth building opening in November 2011 and the new library opening in August 2013.

The employees were involved in the design of the new building every step of the way.

“Our building alone is an example of what makes this a cool place to work. Not only is the physical structure of the building well thought out and employee-friendly, but the fact that the founders of the organization were willing to put the community first and relinquish our old building for the greater good of Cedar Rapids says a lot about our company,” an employee stated in a nomination. “Once you enter the building, you see the time and effort the building committee put in to make this a comfortable place to work. The Compass Cafe, the 2,500 square-foot patio, the parking garage, the ladies lounge, the list goes on!”

The company also hosts fun events for employees such as holiday parties, football tailgates and concert night at the Great Jones County Fair.

Keeping employees happy is critical to a successful business, Ms. Bridges said, as the positive energy flows into the interaction with clients.

“We want everybody to be passionate about what they do,” Ms. Bridges said. “If they feel good about what they are doing, they can better serve clients.”

-Angela Holmes