True to an insurance company, AW Welt offers plenty of benefits – to its employees.

The long-standing, Iowa City-based insurer provides plenty of perks to its people, from a full wellness program that helps pay for memberships to nearby Core Fitness, to a break room with a stocked refrigerator, full coffee bar, as well as paid volunteer projects, tuition reimbursement and more.

Those amenities, coupled with the company’s professional staff, are what makes AW Welt one of the Corridor’s Coolest Places to Work, according to Joe Wegman, the agency’s president.

“(AW Welt is a cool place to work because of) the fact that we have a very professional staff who understand the importance of the work we do, who are driven to improve, who take their responsibilities seriously, who see a future with our organization and who enjoy very much working together,” Mr. Wegman stated in an email.

Most of the insurance professionals who work at AW Welt were referred to the company by current employees as part of the firm’s recruitment and retainment program.

“Like in business, referral is the best way to grow clients,” Mr. Wegman stated. “So it is with coworkers; referral is the best method. I believe the combination of competitive salary, extensive benefits, flexible time off and work support our very important mission of helping our clients manage their risk.”

A major aspect of AW Welt’s workplace environment is its AW360 Advantage philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of the interconnectedness of four factors: clients, coworkers, community and companies. Mr. Wegman said that those four factors working together and reliant upon one another are one of the reasons the company has stayed successful for so long.

“We are honored to work with some of the very best people and businesses in this area,” he stated. “We greatly appreciate the relationships we have and we work very hard behind the scenes to continue to develop our skills so that we can have a positive and quantifiable positive impact on their businesses.”

Gigi Wood